Danilo Dayani

When I was 11 I picked up a video camera to film my friend doing a kickflip. I’ve yet to put it down.

I grew up in a Topanga Canyon tree house with an Iranian father and a Bolivian mother. The unique cultures which on paper seem like polar opposite (because they are), has influenced the way I approach filmmaking. I come at my work diplomatically, with an open mind and a focus on diversity, culture, and genuine curiosity.

Being a part of this ever evolving craft since a young age, I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to work in the field from national advertising and corporate clients to narrative and documentary filmmaking.

Ad astra per alia porci

1 Self portrait: Skating at Aldama Elementary 35mm
2 Fairfax George Floyd Protests 35mm

© danilo dayani film director and producer